Vol. 24, No. 1



Editor's Column

Authors: Mladen Knezic

A Comprehensive Review of Swarm Optimization Algorithms for MPPT Control of PV Systems under Partially Shaded Conditions

Authors: Deepthi Pilakkat, S. Kanthalakshmi, S. Navaneethan

Revisiting Analytical Models of N-Type Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs

Authors: Rekib Uddin Ahmed and Prabir Saha

On the Implementation of Multi-bit Inexact Adder Cells and Application towards Image De-noising

Authors: Srikant Kumar Beura, Amol Arjun Jawale, Bishnulatpam Pushpa Devi, and Prabir Saha

Characteristics of Zn1-xAlxO NR/ITO Composite Films Oriented Application for Optoelectronic Devices

Authors: Nguyen Dinh Lam

A Novel Dual Output Schmitt Trigger Using Second Generation Current Controlled Conveyor

Authors: Avireni Srinivasulu, Syed Zahiruddin, and Musala Sarada

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