Vol. 24, No. 2






VOLUME 24: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Editor's Column

Authors: Mladen Knezic

A Comprehensive Review of Swarm Optimization Algorithms for MPPT Control of PV Systems under Partially Shaded Conditions

Authors: Deepthi Pilakkat, S. Kanthalakshmi, S. Navaneethan

Revisiting Analytical Models of N-Type Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs

Authors: Rekib Uddin Ahmed and Prabir Saha

On the Implementation of Multi-bit Inexact Adder Cells and Application towards Image De-noising

Authors: Srikant Kumar Beura, Amol Arjun Jawale, Bishnulatpam Pushpa Devi, and Prabir Saha

Characteristics of Zn1-xAlxO NR/ITO Composite Films Oriented Application for Optoelectronic Devices

Authors: Nguyen Dinh Lam

A Novel Dual Output Schmitt Trigger Using Second Generation Current Controlled Conveyor

Authors: Avireni Srinivasulu, Syed Zahiruddin, and Musala Sarada

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Editor's Column

Authors: Mladen Knezic

In Memoriam – Prof. Ninoslav Stojadinović

Authors: Branko Dokić

A Novel Unsupervised Approach for Land Classification Based on Touzi Scattering Vector Model in the Context of Very High Resolution PolSAR Imagery

Authors: Jian Gong, Sheng Sun, and Zhijia Xu

A Full Adder Design with CNFETs for Real Time, Fault Tolerant and Mission Critical Applications

Authors: Jitendra Kumar Saini, Avireni Srinivasulu, and Renu Kumawat

Sensitivity Analysis of the UTBSOI Transistor based Two-Stage Operational Amplifier

Authors: Rekib Uddin Ahmed, Eklare Akshay Vijaykumar, and Prabir Saha

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VOLUME 23: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Editor's Column

Authors: Mladen Knezic

Mitigation of Fiber Nonlinear Effects in 1.28 Tbps DQPSK Modulated DWDM System

Authors: Tomáš Huszaník, Ján Turán, Ľuboš Ovseník

Two element folded meander line MIMO antenna for Wireless applications

Authors: Sanjay Chouhan and Leeladhar Malviya

DC Hard Faults Detection and Localization in Analog Circuits Using Fuzzy Logic Techniques

Authors: Mohammed Merabet and Nacerdine Bourouba

The Investment Justification Estimate and Techno-economic and Ecological Aspects Analysis of the University Campus Microgrid

Authors: Nemanja Savić, Vladimir Katić, Boris Dumnić, Dragan Milićević, Zoltan Čorba, and Nenad Katić

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Editor's Column

Authors: Mladen Knezic

A Novel Domino Logic with Modified Keeper in 16nm CMOS Technology

Authors: Smita Singhal, Anu Mehra, and Upendra Tripathi

Single-Stage Operational Transconductance Amplifier Design in UTBSOI Technology Based on gm/Id Methodology

Authors: Rekib Uddin Ahmed, Eklare Akshay Vijaykumar and Prabir Saha

Dual Output Sinusoidal Oscillator Using Second Generation Current Controlled Conveyor

Authors: Syed Zahiruddin, Avireni Srinivasulu and Musala Sarada

Contribution to Time and Frequency Analysis of Irregular Sleep Snoring

Authors: Mohamed Rezki, and Abdennour Alimohad

PI Regulator with Tracking Anti-Windup Based Modified Power Balance Theory for SAPF under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Unbalance Non Linear Loads

Authors: Khechiba Kamel, Zellouma Laid, and Benaissa Amar

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VOLUME 22: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Editor's Column

Authors: Mladen Knezic

Guest Editorial - Special Issue on Recent Advances in Power Electronics and Internet of Things

Authors: Akhtar Kalam, Anand R, and G. R. Kanagachidambaresan

A Study of Inverter Drives and Its Ride Through Capabilities in Industrial Applications

Authors: Vishnu Murthy K, Ashok Kumar L and Dhayaneswaran Y

An Enhanced Incremental Conductance Algorithm for Photovoltaic System

Authors: K. Ramesh, R. Giri Ganesh, Sri Lakshmi Vineela Reddy, K. Mahalakshmi and S. Suganya

Drift Free Variable Step Size Perturb and Observe MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic Systems Under Rapidly Increasing Insolation

Authors: Deepthi Pilakkat and S. Kanthalakshmi

An Intelligent Hybrid Protocol for Effective Load Balancing and Energy Efficient Routing for MANETs

Authors: C. Kalaiselvi and S. Palaniammal

Epilepsy Detecting and Halting Mechanism Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Sayantani Basu, Ananda Kumar S. and Bhuvana Shanmugam

Research Issues in DFIG Based Wind Energy System

Authors: R. Rajasekaran and M. Mekala

A Collaborative Framework for Avoiding Interference Between Zigbee and WiFi for Effective Smart Metering Applications

Authors: Vikram. K. and Sarat Kumar Sahoo

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Editor's Column

Authors: Mladen Knezic

New Hybrid-Based Self-Test Strategy for Faulty Modules of Complex Microcontroller Systems

Authors: Mohamed H. El-Mahlawy, Sherif Hussein, and Gouda I. Mohamed

Probabilistic Techno-Economic Optimization in Medium Voltage Distribution Networks with Fault Passage Indicators and Fault Locators

Authors: Predrag Mršić, Đorđe Lekić, Bojan Erceg, Čedomir Zeljković, Petar Matić, Siniša Zubić, and Przemyslaw Balcerek

Finite Element Design of Rotor Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Machine with Arbitrary Slot, Pole and Phase Combinations

Authors: Đorđe M. Lekić and Slobodan N. Vukosavić

Medium Voltage Impedance-Admittance Measurement System Based on the Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converter

Authors: Marko Petković, Nicolai Hildebrandt, Francisco D. Freijedo and Dražen Dujić

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VOLUME 21: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Modular Environment for Development and Characterization of Tunable Energy Harvesting Systems

Authors: Javier Casatorres-Aguero and Octavie Nieto-Taladriz

High Efficiency Photovoltaic System with Fuzzy Logic Controller

Authors: Branko Blanusa, Zeljko Ivanovic and Branko Dokic

Challenges and Opportunities in Applying Semantics to Improve Access Control in the Field of Internet of Things

Authors: Riste Stojanov, Vladimir Zdraveski and Dimitar Trajanov

Bode Plots Revisited: a Software System for Automated Generation of Piecewise Linear Frequency Response Plots

Authors: Predrag Pejovic and Amela Zekovic

Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Electronics

Authors: Miona Andrejevic Stosovic and Vanco Litovski

Simulation of a Pick-and-Place Cube Robot by Means of the Simulation Software Kuka Sim Pro

Authors: Dusko Lukac and Miljana Milic

Implementing Master Program on Digital Broadcasting and Broadband Technologies

Authors: Sinisa Ilic, Mile Petrovic, Branimir Jaksic, Slobodan Bojanic, Petar Spalevic and Ranko Babic

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VOLUME 20: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Technology-Dependent Optimization of FIR Filters based on Carry-Save Multiplier and 4:2 Compressor unit

Authors: Burhan Khurshid and Roohie Naaz

Telescopic Op-Amp Optimization for MDAC Circuit Design

Authors: Abdelghani Dendouga and Slimane Oussalah

Real Measurements and Evaluation of the Influence of Atmospheric Phenomena on FSO Combined with Modulation Formats

Authors: Jan Latal, Lukas Hajek, Ales Vanderka, Jan Vitasek, Petr Koudelka, Stanislav Hejduk

A Novel SVPWM Algorithm Considering Neutral-Point Potential Balancing for Three-Level NPC Inverter

Authors: Chen Yongchao, Li Yanda, and Zhao Ling

Hardware Implementation of FTC of Induction Machine on FPGA

Authors: S. Boukadida, S. Gdaim and A. Mtibaa

Simulation and performance analysis of Multiple PCS sensors system

Authors: Pawan Whig, Syed Naseem Ahmad and Surinder Kumar

A Novel Purely Active Electronically Controllable Configuration for Simulating Resistance in Floating Form

Authors: Mayank Srivastava and Dinesh Prasad

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Preventive Thermographic Diagnostic of a HV Busbar Disconnector

Authors: Predrag Saraba, Zoran Ljuboje, Bozidar Popovic and Drazan Krsmanovic

Design of Ternary Content-Addressable Memories with Dynamically Power-gated Storage Cells Using FinFETs

Authors: Meng-Chou Chang, Kai-Lun He, and Yu-Chieh Wang

An Improved Design of Gallager Mapping for LDPC-coded BICM-ID System

Authors: Lin Zhou, Weicheng Huang, Shengliang Peng, Yan Chen and Yucheng He

Design and Implementation of a Novel Directional Coupler for UHF RFID Reader

Authors: Jianxiong Li, Shanlin Song, Xiaoyu Chen, Hua Nian and Weiguang Shi

High Dimensional Electromagnetic Interference Signal Clustering Based On SOM Neural Network

Authors: Hongyi Li, Di Zhao, Shaofeng Xu, Pidong Wang and Jiaxin Chen

Active Comb Filter Using Voltage Differencing Transconductance Amplifiers

Authors: Dinesh Prasad, Akshat Jain, Pankaj Dhingra and Aditya Panchal

Low Voltage Mixed-mode Multi Phase Oscillator Using Single FDCCII

Authors: J. Mohan, B. Chaturvedi and S. Maheshwari

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VOLUME 19: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Nonparabolic effects in multiple quantum well structures and influence of external magnetic field on dipole matrix elements

Authors: Aleksandar Demic, Jelena Radovanovic and Vitomir Milanovic

Design of a 1 DOF MEMS motion stage for a parallel plane geometry rheometer

Authors: Yong-Sik Kim, Nicholas G. Dagalakis, Chiara Ferraris, and Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic

MEMS mirrors using sub-wavelength High-Contrast-Gratings with asymmetric unit cells

Author: Milan Maksimovic

Joint Effect of Heterogeneous Intrinsic Noise Sources on Instability of MEMS Resonators

Authors: Olga Jaksic, Ivana Jokic, Milos Frantlovic, Danijela Randjelovic, Dragan Tanaskovic, Zarko Lazic and Dana Vasiljevic-Radovic

Prototype of the Multichannel Acquisition System Developed for ICTM Pressure Transmitters

Authors: P. Poljak, B. Vukelic, M. Vorkapic and D.V. Randjelovic

Analytical modelling of the transient response of thermopile-based MEMS sensors

Authors: D.V. Randjelovic, A.G. Kozlov, O.M. Jaksic, M.M. Smiljanic and P.D. Poljak

Position Measurement over Wide Range by Simultaneous Use of Low and High Coherence Light Source

Authors: Milos C. Tomic and Zoran V. Djinovic

Improving the methodology of main power equipment choice for the gas turbine plants

Authors: Evgeny Lisin, Wadim Strielkowski, Ivan Komarov, Ivan Garanin

Application and Control Method of Electromagnetic Synchronizer for Double Rotor Motor Power Coupling System

Authors: Jiang Kejun, He Ren, and Zhang Lanchun

Single DD-DXCCII based quadrature oscillator with simultaneous current and voltage outputs

Authors: B. Chaturvedi and J. Mohan

Elevator Safety Monitoring and Early Warning System Based on Directional antenna transmission technology

Authors: Ying Huang, Weijia Yu

Some examples of photorefractive oscillators

Author: Zoran Ljuboje

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Fast carrier recovery in FHSS systems with DDS based Costas loop

Author: Slavko Sajic

Modeling Method of Finite Element Modeler and Electromagnetic Solvers for Education and Research in RF MEMS

Authors: Tejinder Singh, Wael M. El-Medany and Kamal J. Rangra

Cost Effective Implementation of Fixed Point Adders for LUT based FPGAs using Technology Dependent Optimizations

Authors: Burhan Khurshid and Roohie Naaz

Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drive with Minimal Number of Sensors

Authors: Evgenije M. Adzic, Vlado B. Porobic, Marko S. Vekic, Zoran R. Ivanovic, and Vladimir A. Katic

Operational Transconductance Amplifier in 350nm CMOS technology

Authors: Dejan D. Mirkovic, Predrag M. Petkovic, Ilija Dimitrijevic and Igor Mircic

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VOLUME 18: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Strained Silicon Layer in CMOS Technology

Authors: Tatjana Pesic-Brdjanin, Branko L. Dokic

Study on a Composite Patch Antenna Based on Left Handed Material with Near Zero Index

Authors: Jijun Wang, Zhipan Zhu, Yanrong Zhang, Leilei Gong, Yuntuan Fang

New Blood Level Measurement System in Blood Separating Machine

Authors: Milos Petkovic, Miroslav Bozic, Dragisa Popovic, Darko Todorovic, and Goran S. Djordjevic

New Single VDCC-based Explicit Current-Mode SRCO Employing All Grounded Passive Components

Authors: Dinesh Prasad, D. R. Bhaskar and Mayank Srivastava

Amplitude Malformation in the IFFT Ocean Wave Rendering under the Influence of the Fourier Coefficient

Authors: Lining Chen, Yicheng Jin, and Yong Yin

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Energy Efficient Multi-Core Processing

Authors: Charles Leech and Tom J. Kazmierski

SPICE Modeling and Simulation of a MPPT Algorithm

Authors: Miona Andrejevic Stosovic, Marko Dimitrijevic, Dusko Lukac, and Vanco Litovski

The use of Bayesian Networks in Detecting the States of Ventilation Mills in Power Plants

Authors: Sanja Vujnovic, Predrag Todorov, Zeljko Djurovic, and Aleksandra Marjanovic

USB HW/SW Co-Simulation Environment with Custom Test Tool Integration

Authors: Zargaryan Y. Grigor, Aharonyan K. Vahram, Melikyan V. Nazeli and Marko A. Dimitrijevic

Measuring Capacitor Parameters Using Vector Network Analyzers

Authors: Deniss Stepins, Gundars Asmanis, and Aivis Asmanis

Data-Driven Gradient Descent Direct Adaptive Control for Discrete-Time Nonlinear SISO Systems

Authors: Igor R. Krcmar, Milorad M. Bozic, and Petar S. Maric

A Modified Approximate Internal Model-based Neural Control for the Typical Industrial Processes

Authors: Jasmin Igic and Milorad Bozic

Integrated Cost-Benefit Assessment of Customer-Driven Distributed Generation

Authors: Cedomir Zeljkovic and Nikola Rajakovic

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VOLUME 17: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Celebrating 65th Anniversary of the Transistor

Author: Goce L. Arsov

An Operational Standpoint in Electrical Engineering

Authors: Frédéric Rotella and Irène Zambettakis

Project-Based Learning and Agile Methodologies in Electronic Courses: Effect of Student Population and Open Issues

Authors: Marina Zapater, Pedro Malagón, Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche, and José M. Moya

Exploring the use of Cadence IC in Education

Authors: Danijela Efnusheva, Josif Kjosev, and Katerina Raleva

Tool-Based Curricula and Visual Learning

Authors: Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck, A. Magana, and S. M. Goodnick

From Theory to Development: Role of Multiphysics Modeling and its Effect on Education in Electronics

Author: Tejinder Singh

Digital Controller Development Methodology Based on Real-Time Simulations with LabVIEW FPGA Hardware-Software Toolset

Authors: Tommaso Caldognetto, Simone Buso, and Paolo Mattavelli

Solar Cybertech: A Competition of Digitally Controlled Vehicles Poweredby Solar Panels

Authors: O. García, J. A. Oliver, D. Díaz, D. Meneses, P. Alou, M. Vasic, J. A. Cobos

Single-Phase Full-Wave Rectifier as an Effective Example to Teach Normalization, Conduction Modes, and Circuit Analysis Methods

Authors: Predrag Pejovic, Johann W. Kolar

Model-driven Techniques for Data Model Synthesis

Authors: Drazen Brdjanin and Slavko Maric

Control Strategy for Cascaded Medium - High Voltage STATCOM

Authors: Libing Chen, Liping Shi, Xiaodong Yang, and Zhenglong Xia

Study on New Smart Transformer Terminal Unit Based on ARM and GPRS Network

Authors: Na Wu, Yinjing Guo, Yongqin Wei, Aying Wei

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Morlet Wavelet UDWT Denoising and EMD based Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Authors: A. Santhana Raj and N. Murali

Combined Discrete Space Voltage Vector with Direct Torque Control for Bearingless Brushless DC Motor and Closed-Loop Suspended Force Control

Authors: Zhanshi Sheng, Xiaolian Wang, Fei Tan, and Weiran Wang

A Realization of Temperature Monitoring System Based on Real-Time Kernel uC/OS and 1-wire Bus

Authors: Haibo Pu, Lijia Xu, and Yanmei Qi

Impact of Sectorization/Vehicular Traffic on Minimum Cell Size for Information Capacity Increase in Cellular Systems

Authors: Kwashie A. Anang, Predrag B. Rapajic, and Ruiheng Wu

Development of the Algorithm for Energy Efficiency Improvement of Bulk Material Transport System

Authors: Leposava Ristic, Milan Bebic, and Borislav Jeftenic

An Efficient Method for Approximation of Non Rational Transfer Functions

Authors: Tomislav B. Sekara, Milan R. Rapaic, and Mihailo P. Lazarevic

Influence of Signal Stationarity on Digital Stochastic Measurement Implementation

Authors: Platon Sovilj, Vladimir Vujicic, Nebojsa Pjevalica, Dragan Pejic, Marjan Urekar, and Ivan Zupunski

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VOLUME 16: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Designing Energy Conversion Systems for the Next Decade

Author: Slobodan N. Vukosavic

Cyber Physical Systems Approach to Power Electronics Education

Authors: Nikola Celanovic, Ivan CelanoviC, Stevan Grabic, Vladimir Katic, Zoran Ivanovic, and Marko Vekic

HIL Simulation of Power Electronics and Electric Drives for Automotive Applications

Authors: Thomas Schulte, Axel Kiffe, and Frank Puschmann

Design of a Bioelectronics Hybrid System in Real Time and in Closed Loop

Authors: Guilherme Bontorin, Andre Garenne, Colin Lopez, Gwendal Le Masson, and Sylvie Renaud

Stabilizing Ferroresonance Oscillations in Voltage Transformers Using Limiter Circuit

Authors: Hamid Radmanesh and Seyed Hamid Fathi

Simulation of Power Electronic Converters Using Quasi Steady State Approximation

Author: Predrag Pejovic

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Bidirectional AC DC Converter for Regenerative Braking

Authors: Predrag Pejovic, Johann W. Kolar, and Yasuyuki Nishida

Analysis of Single Coil PM-BLDC Motor

Authors: Boguslaw Grzesik and Mariusz Stepien

IPMSM Model Including Magnetic Saturation and Cross-Coupling

Authors: Darko P. Marcetic, Roberto M. Varga, and Mile B. Bozic

Comparison of Methods for On-Line Harmonic Estimation

Authors: Jovan M. Knezevic and Vladimir A. Katic

PWM Algorithms for Multilevel Inverter Supplied Multiphase Variable-Speed Drives

Authors: Martin Jones, Obrad Dordevic, Nandor Bodo, and Emil Levi

Some Examples that Use the FEM in PM Generators Analysis

Author: Marian Greconici

Influence of a Thin Copper Shield on a BLDC Motor Parameters

Authors: Nandor Burany, Dejana Herceg, and Neda Pekaric-Nadj

High frequency model of EMI filter

Authors: Szymon Pasko and Boguslaw Grzesik

Energy Efficiency in Electric Drives

Author: Slobodan Mirchevski

Power Electronic Transformer Technology for Traction Applications-An Overview

Authors: Drazen Dujic, Frederick Kieferndorf, and Francisco Canales

Modeling and Design of Passive Components for Flexible Electronics

Authors: Nikola Jerance, Natasa Samardzic, Dragana Vasiljevic, and Goran Stojanovic

Energy Efficient Sensor Nodes Powered by Kinetic Energy Harvesters-Design for Optimum Performance

Authors: Tom J. Kazmierski, Leran Wang, and Mansour Aloufi

Pattern-Based Approach to Current Density Verification

Authors: Vazgen Melikyan, Eduard Babayan, and Ashot Harutyunyan

Network Simulator Tools and GPU Parallel Systems

Authors: Leonid Djinevski, Sonja Filiposka, and Dimitar Trajanov

The Decomposition of DSP's Control Logic Block for Power Reduction

Authors: Borisav Jovanovic and Milunka Damnjanovic

Data Privacy in Smart Electricity Networks

Authors: Slobodan Bojanic, Srdan Djordjevic, and Octavio Nieto-Taladriz

Advanced DC Motor Drive for Haptic Devices

Authors: Miroslav Bozic, Darko Todorovic, Milos Petkovic, Volker Zerbe, and Goran S. Djordjevic

How To Measure Oscillator's Short-Term Stability Using Frequency Counter

Authors: Ivica Milanovic, Snezana Renovica, Ivan Zupunski, Mladen Banovic, and Predrag Rakonjac

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VOLUME 15: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Improved PLL for Power Generation Systems Operating under Real Grid Conditions

Authors: Evgenije M. Adzic, Milan S. Adzic, and Vladimir A. Katic

Linearization of Two-way Doherty Amplifier by Using Second and Fourth Order Nonlinear Signals

Authors: Aleksandar Atanaskovic and Natasa Males-Ilic

Realization of Primitives by Using SVM for Humanoid Robot Walk Generation

Authors: Branislav Borovac, Mirko Rakovic, and Milutin Nikolic

Real Time Method for Image Recognition and Categorization

Authors: Ivan Bozic and Ivan Lazic

Matlab/Simulink Implementation of Wave-based Models for Microstrip Structures utilizing Short-circuited and Opened Stubs

Authors: Biljana P. Stosic, Darko I. Krstic, and Jugoslav J. Jokovic

Population Exposure to Depleted Uranium in the Han Pijesak Region

Authors: Zora S. Zunic, Rodoljub Simovic, Zoran Curguz, Olivera Cuknic, Jerzy Mietelski, Predrag Ujic, Igor Celikovic, Predrag Kolarz, and Branko Predojevic

WindSim® Computational Flow Dynamics Model Testing Using Databases from Two Wind Measurement Stations

Authors: Djordje Klisic, Miodrag Zlatanovic, and Ilija Radovanovic

Robust adaptive system identification of steam separator process in thermal power plants

Authors: Goran S. Kvascev, Aleksandra Lj. Marjanovic, and Zeljko M. Djurovic

Multi-Core Platform for DTV/STB Functional Testing in Real-Time

Authors: Dusan Milosavljevic and Vladimir Zlokolica

Electronic Solution to the QTUD Method for Materials Testing

Authors: Zoran Ebersold, Nebojsa Mitrovic, and Slobodan Djukic

Using Easy Java Simulations in Computer Supported Control Engineering Education

Authors: Milica B. Naumovic, Natasa Popovic, and Bozidar Popovic

Analysis of Software Realized DSA Algorithm for Digital Signature

Authors: Bojan R. Pajcin and Predrag N. Ivanis

Design of Low Cost Force Sensor System for Human Machine Interaction-Force Feedback Joystick

Authors: Milos Petkovic and Goran S. Djordjevic

Two Dimensional Finite Element Method-Based Simulation of the Brownian Motion of a Spherical Particle in Water

Authors: Katarina Radulovic and Sylvia Jeney

An Adaptive Clustering Procedure with Applications to Fault Detection

Authors: Milan R. Rapaic, Milena Petkovic, Zoran D. Jelicic, and Alessandro Pisano

Schematic Representation for Illustrating the Procedure of Optical Noise Figure in Erbium doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) and Praseodymium-doped Fiber Amplifier (PDFA)

Authors: Abdel Hakeim M. Husein and Fady I. EL-Nahal

Dynamics of Closed-loop ADC-NOT-DAC Circuits

Authors: Arthur E. Edang, Fredison A. Corminal, and Felicito S. Caluyo

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Extraction of External Torque Disturbance in Positioning Servomechanism

Authors: Milic R. Stojic and Djordje M. Stojic

High Frequency Power Supply for Electrostatic Precipitators in Thermal Power Plants

Author: Slobodan Vukosavic

Realization of an Electronic Load for Testing Low Power PEM Fuel Cells

Authors: Djordje Saponjic, Vojislav Arandjelovic, Milica Marceta Kaninski and Aleksandar Maksic

Robust RST Controller Design by Convex Optimization

Authors: Milan S. Matijevic, Ranko Sredojevic and Vladimir M. Stojanovic

PI-like Observer Structures in Digitally Controlled DC Servo Drives: Theory and Experiments

Author: Milica B. Naumovic

Frequency Domain Design of a Complex Controller under Constraints on Robustness and Sensitivity to Measurement Noise

Authors: Tomislav B. Sekara, Milos B. Trifunovic and Vidan Govedarica

Choice of Window Size in Calibrating the Geometry of Manipulators Based on the Regions Correlation

Authors: Petar Maric and Velibor Djalic

Land Vehicle Navigation System Based on the Integration of Strap-Down INS and GPS

Authors: Rade Stancic and Stevica Graovac

NHibernateMapper-A Tool for Rapid Development of Data Access Layer for Interoperable GIS Solutions

Authors: Stevica S. Cvetkovic, Milos D. Bogdanovic and Leonid V. Stoimenov

Localization Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks using Measurement of Received Signal Strength Indicator

Authors: M. Srbinovska, V. Dimcev, C. Gavrovski and Z. Kokolanski

Continual One Point Auto-Calibration Technique in Simple Sensor-Microcontroller Interface

Authors: Zivko Kokolanski, Cvetan Gavrovski and Vladimir Dimcev

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VOLUME 14: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Practical Implications of Low Voltage Ride Through Requirements on Windturbine Power Conversion

Author: Dejan Raca

Model Based Design of an Efficient CORDIC Algorithm Implementation

Authors: Volker Zerbe and Michael Backhaus

CAE Application and Certification for Industrial and Educational Customers The Case of University-Industry Cooperation between EPLAN and RFH

Author: Dusko Lukac

A Model of the Molecular Rectifying Diode Type Aviram-Ratner

Authors: Dalibor Sekulic and Milos Zivanov

A New Real Differentiator with Low-Pass Filter in Control Loop

Authors: Cedomir Milosavljevic, Branislava Perunicic, and Boban Veselic

Self-Oscillating Fluxgate Current Sensor with Pulse Width Modulated Feedback

Authors: Radivoje Djuric and Milan Ponjavic

Improving Efficiency of Power Electronics Converters

Authors: Milomir Soja, Marko Ikic, Mladen Banjanin, and Milan Dj. Radmanovic

Design of an Open Software Architecture for Leg Control of a Walking Robot

Author: Mladen Milushev

Profibus Interface Based Connection and Actuation of the Servo-Electric and Pneumatic 2-Finger Parallel Gripper by Using of the Quick Release Gripper-Change-System Realized for the Fanuc Robot

Author: Dusko Lukac

Monitoring in the Control System of Robotized Medical X-ray Device for High Functional Safety

Authors: Milun S. Jevtic and Goran S. Djordjevic

User Interface in Medical Information Systems-Common Problems and Sustainable Solutions

Authors: Tatjana N. Stankovic, Petar J. Rajkovic, Aleksandar M. Milenkovic, and Dragan S. Jankovic

Feed-Forward Based Direct Torque and Flux Control of Induction Motor in Field Weakening Regime

Authors: Petar Matic, Slobodan N. Vukosavic, and Dejan Raca

Mutual Inductance Variation Influence on Induction Motor IFOC Drive

Authors: Milan Mijalkovic and Petar Petrovic

Self-Oscillating Fluxgate Current Sensor with Pulse Width Modulated Feedback

Authors: Tomislav B. Sekara and Miroslav R. Matausek

Infrared Transceiver for Home Automation

Authors: Ivana Senk, Laslo Tarjan, Gordana Ostojic, and Stevan Stankovski

An Analytical Model of Inversion Layer Quantization and Gate Oxide Quantum Mechanical Tunneling in Nano-p-MOSFETs

Authors: Amit Chaudhry and Jatinder N. Roy

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The Sixth Decade of the Thyristor

Authors: Goce L. Arsov and Slobodan Mircevski

Semiconductor Solutions for Automotive AC Drives

Authors: Dusan Graovac, Benno Koeppl, Frank Auer, and Michael Scheffer

Real-Time Digital Simulation: Enabling Rapid Development of Power Electronics

Authors: Ivan Celanovic, Pierre Haessig, Eric Carroll, Vladimir Katic, and Nikola Celanovic

Current Trends in Power Electronic Devices in Ecological Equipment

Author: Slobodan Vukosavic

Efficiency Optimization Methods in Low-Power High-Frequency Digitally Controlled SMPS

Author: Aleksandar Prodic

Experimental Analysis of the Line-Side Interphase Transformer Magnetizing Currents in Three-Phase Output Voltage Type Rectifiers

Authors: Dejana Cucak, Predrag Pejovic, and Johann W. Kolar

Comparative Study of Two Multilevel Converters for Envelope Amplifier

Authors: Miroslav Vasic, Oscar Garcia, Jesus Angel Oliver, Pedro Alou, Daniel Diaz, and Jose Antonio Cobos

The Dependence of Resistivity on Temperature for Thin Superconductors

Authors: Constantin Blaj, Dumitru Toader, and Marian Greconici

Short-Term Forecasting of Electricity Load Using Recurrent ANNs

Authors: Jelena B. Milojkovic and Vanco B. Litovski

Computer Modeling of Three-Phase to Single-Phase Matrix Converter Using MATLAB

Authors: Georgi Kunov, Mihail Antchev, and Elissaveta Gadjeva

Hierarchical Fault Diagnosis Using Sensor Data Fusion for Robotic System

Authors: Mohammad A. Nekoui, Amir R. Kashanipour, and Karim Salahshoor

Optimum Torque/Current Control of Dual-PMSM Single-VSI Drive

Authors: Andrea Del Pizzo, Diego Iannuzzi, and Ivan Spina

Power Losses in Leads and Interconnections of Coaxial Linear Transformer

Authors: Boguslaw Grzesik, Bodzek Krzysztof, and Mariusz Stepien

High-Performance Control of Doubly-Fed Reluctance Machines

Authors: Milutin Jovanovic and Hamza Chaal

A Modified Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Based on Reactive Power

Authors: Vladan R. Jevremovic, Veran Vasic, Darko P. Marcetic, and Borislav Jeftenic

A Test Procedure for Determining Models of LV Equipment

Authors: Vladimir Cuk, Joseph F. G. Cobben, Wil L. Kling, Roelof B. Timens, and Frank B. J. Leferink

Attenuation of Nanocrystalline and Ferrite Common Mode Chokes for EMI Filters

Authors: Szymon Pasko, Boguslaw Grzesik, and Fabian Beck

Active Power Filter with Soft Switching

Author: Petr Simonik

Power Quality Measurement in a Modern Hotel Complex

Authors: Velimir Strugar and Vladimir Katic

Design of a PEM Fuel Cell Simulator Based on DC-DC Buck Converter

Authors: Georgi Georgievski and Goce L. Arsov

Dual-Array Based MPPT for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Authors: Darko Ostojic, Gabriele Grandi, and Darko Marcetic

Hardware Based Strategies Against Side-Channel-Attack Implemented in WDDL

Authors: Milena J. Stanojlovic and Predrag M. Petkovic

Multi Channel ΣΔ A/D Converter for Integrated Power Meter

Authors: Dejan D. Mirkovic and Predrag M. Petkovic

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VOLUME 13: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Upgrade of Conventional Positional Systems into High-Precision Tracking Systems Using Sliding Mode Controlled Active Digital Compensators

Authors: Boban Veselic, Branislava Perunicic, and Cedomir Milosavljevic

Efficiency Optimized Control of High Performance Induction Motor Drive

Authors: Branko D. Blanusa, Branko L. Dokic, and Slobodan N. Vukosavic

Acquisition System for Static Torque Characteristics Measuring

Authors: Goran Vukovic, Srdan Ajkalo, Srdan Jokic and Petar Matic

Voltage Sag Effects on High Performance Electric Drives

Authors: M. Petronijevic, N. Mitrovic, and V. Kostic

Two Distant Cross-Coupled Positioning Servo Drives: Theory and Experiment

Authors: Milica B. Naumovic and Milic R. Stojic

The Simulation Model of Optical Transport System and Its Applications to Efficient Error Control Techniques Design

Authors: Predrag Ivanis and Dusan Drajic

Automatic Emotion Recognition in Speech: Possibilities and Significance

Authors: Milana Bojanic and Vlado Delic

Analysis of Geometry Influence on Performances of Capacitive Pressure Sensor

Authors: Mirjana Maksimovic and Goran Stojanovic

Design and Realisation of Over-voltage Protection in Push-pull Inverters

Authors: Milomir Soja, Slobodan Lubura, Dejan Jokic, Milan D. Radmanovic

A Half Bridge Inverter with Ultra-Fast IGBT Module-Modeling and Experimentation

Authors: Dinko Vukadinovic, Ljubomir Kulisic, and Mateo Basic

Benefits of Using OLAP versus RDBMS for Data Analyses in Health Care Information Systems

Authors: Srebrenko Pesic, Tatjana Stankovic, and Dragan Jankovic

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Preliminary Design of a PEM Fuel Cell Simulator Based on Digitally Controlled DC-DC Buck Converter

Authors: Goce L. Arsov, Georgi Georgievski

Application of Impedance Spectroscopy for Electrical Characterization of Ceramics Materials

Authors: Dragan Mancic, Vesna Paunovic, Zoran Petrusic, Milan Radmanovic, Ljiljana Zivkovic

Strained Si/SiGe MOS transistor model

Authors: Tatjana Pesic-Brdanin, Nebojsa Jankovic

Design of Transformer and Power stage of Push-Pull Inverter

Authors: Milomir Soja, Slobodan Lubura, Dejan Jokic, Milan D. Radmanovic, Goran S. Dordevic, and Branko L. Dokic

Why does the grid needs cryptography?

Authors: V. B. Litovski, P. M. Petkovic

Statistical Timing Analysis of Asynchronous Circuits Using Logic Simulator

Authors: Miljana Lj. Sokolovic and Vanco B. Litovski

Influence of Rotor Time Constant error on IFOC Control Structure

Authors: Janos Timer, Evgenije Adzic, Vlado Porobic and Darko Marcetic

Calibration of High Voltage Linear Voltmeter

Authors: M. Azlen, S. Milovancev, and V. Vujicic

Classification of Musical Audio Recordings

Authors: Igor Maric and Vladimir Risojevic

Influence of Imperfect Carrier Signal Recovery on Performance of SC Receiver of BPSK Signals Transmitted over α-µ Fading Channel

Authors: Zlatko J. Mitrovic, Bojana Z. Nikolic, Goran T. Djordjevic, and Mihajlo C. Stefanovic

Multivariable Modeling and Decentralized Robust Linear Controllers for Current-Sharing DC/DC Converters

Authors: Aleksandar Z. Rakic, Trajko B. Petrovic

Power Quality Monitoring and Power Measurements by Using Virtual Instrumentation

Authors: Z. Kokolanski, M. Srbinovska, A. Simevski, C. Gavrovski and V. Dimcev

A Thyristor Full-Wave Rectifier With Full Control of the Conducting Angle

Author: Ruzica Stevanovic

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